Upcoming Sapphic Books I’m Excited For

Hello, everyone! There’s been a recent streak of some really fabulous cover reveals for upcoming sapphic books recently and it’s gotten me excited, so I thought I’d take some time to highlight some anticipated sapphic releases on my TBR. Below is a list of upcoming books with queer female protagonists that I’m looking forward to!

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Recommendations: Young Adult Books Without Romance

I’ve been thinking a bit lately about YA books and romance. Specifically, how few young adult books there are without romance. Teens date, sure. But even though plenty of teens don’t find epic romances while in high school, I feel like you wouldn’t really know that from the stats of YA literature. I love books that center friendship and family over romance, but they feel so much rarer and harder to find than books with a central romance. Privately, I’ve always felt it was too bad that the popularity of ensemble-cast books like The Raven Cycle or Six of Crows didn’t jumpstart more of a publishing interest in books that center friendships and group dynamics. Actually, the first novel I ever wrote (a YA contemporary which will never see the day, but I wrote about here once) was completely centered on family and friendship because I couldn’t find enough of the no-romance-YA-stories without writing my own. Anyway, the point is, I really appreciate YA books without romance.

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Pride Flag Book Recs Tag

Anna and Charlotte at Reads Rainbow created the Pride Flag Books Recs tag  inspired by the meaning of the colored stripe in Gilbert Baker’s Pride flag and I was tagged by Abi @ The Knights Who Say Book to also do that tag. I think this is an awesome idea for a book tag (thanks for tagging me, Abi), so here we are!

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The Deck of Omens by Christine Lynn Herman: A Sound Series Conclusion

This review contains light spoilers for The Devouring Gray


I really enjoyed Christine Lynn Herman’s YA paranormal The Devouring Gray when I read it last year (my review), so I was excited to read the conclusion to the duology. And thankfully, it didn’t disappoint, as I really enjoyed how The Deck of Omens dug deeper into the characters and world-building established in the first book.

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A Pride Month Investigation: What Was the First Book With LGBTQ+ Representation I Read?

I read a lot. That’s kind of a given, considering I run a book blog. I read a lot, but it wasn’t until around 2017 that I made a concentrated effort to actually keep track of what I was reading, so the specifics of my earlier reading years are lost to the fuzzy memory-mists of time. I didn’t even properly really write down the books I was reading, let alone review or record on Goodreads, until the second half of high school, so my early reading history is mostly accounted for by whether I own a book or experience a vague sense of familiarity when I see it in stores or libraries. When you read a lot and don’t keep track, the details can get fuzzy. Sometimes this is a bit annoying–Oh no, that neighbors wants book recs for their twelve-year-old, what was I even reading when I was twelve? What was the title that book with the purple cover about magical portals again?

I also read a fair among of books with LGBTQ+ representation, but a frustrating intersection with my previous disorganization is that for many years I couldn’t remember what the first book with LGBTQ+ characters I read was. I read and keep track of a fair amount of LGBTQ+ books nowadays, to the point where it’s a running joke that I’m a sapphic book librarian among my college friends, yet I can’t remember when that reading trend started.

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How Have My Reading Tastes Been Changing?

I’ve been running this blog on-and-off since 2018 (according to my blog archives), though I haven’t been amazingly consistent for much of that time. But it does mean that for about the last two years, I’ve been keeping closer track of my reading preferences and trends than I have during other parts of my life. I’ve also gone through some pretty big life changes while running this blog: I’ve graduated high school, published a book, and gone off to college (…and returned home due to a global pandemic). My life has changed and I’ve changed, so it’s pretty natural that my reading tastes have also changed during this time. The other day I was editing the “about” section of my blog to more accurately reflect which genres and formats I am and aren’t interested and was like…wait, this should probably be a blog post if people want to know what I kind of books I’m going to read and review on this blog. So here we are!

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The Black Flamingo by Dean Atta: An Impactful, Uplifting Coming-of-Age

I’d been anticipating Dean Atta’s novel The Black Flamingo ever since I heard positive reviews rolling in from the U.K. and I’m glad to say it didn’t disappoint once I got my hands on it! The Black Flamingo is a a young adult contemporary novel-in-verse that following Michael, a gay, biracial teen, as he navigates his intersecting identities and finds his wings as a drag artist at university.

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On My Complicated Path to Reading Adult SFF

Note: this post contains discussions of misogynistic violence & rape. Also, this is very much based on my own experiences and it’s not in any way meant to be general or comprehensive.

Book blogging naturally means that I keep a bit closer track of my reading history and trends than other, non-book-blogging people might, so lately I’ve been thinking a bit about how my reading tastes have been changing. While I was originally writing a shorter post reflecting on the various ways my reading habits have changed, I found that I had a lot to say about my history with and changing attitude towards adult science fiction and fantasy and figured it was worth unpacking in a whole post of its own. (I also saw this thread on Twitter by @quartzen that really mimicked what I was already writing and thinking about about, to give credit where credit it due.)

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The Winter Duke by Claire Eliza Bartlett: An Icy Fantasy Novel of Intrigue and Ambition

Claire Eliza Bartlett’s YA fantasy novel The Winter Duke is an atmospheric story of with ambition and intrigue. While I initially picked it up because it features a F/F romance and I was participating in a reading challenge focus on sapphic romances, I found myself  enjoying this for far more than just the romance.

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Ten Books By Black LGBTQ+ Authors For Pride

Hello again. It’s been a bit longer than than I planned since my last blog post, mostly because I’ve derailed a bit from my planned blog posts for June because I felt like it would be weird and irresponsible to continue blogging like normal without discussing current events. If you were (somehow) previously aware, the USA and other countries are currently in a state of protest against police brutality and anti-Black racism sparked by the horrific news of a White police officer killing George Floyd, a Black man, on May 25th and countless other lives lost to police brutality. This blog gives me a platform, so I want to use it to support the Black Lives Matter movement and Black voices and creators.

Since it’s currently Pride Month and I know many people–myself included–are making an effort to read and support LGBTQ+ books and creators, I thought it could be helpful to highlight ten books by Black LGBTQ+ authors I recommend. Below are ten books covering a variety of genres and identities, all by and about Black LGBTQ+ people.

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